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Markus Huemer (1968, Linz), an Austrian artist living in Berlin, uses various artistic disciplines, while preferring painting and drawing. He meticulously explores and designs images and, although with a scientific attitude, his main source of inspiration is nature, which he then relates to elements of architecture.For the solo show Nearly a Dusty Rainbow Experience, Huemer presents to A PICK GALLERY his most recent artistic research, within which we find works that appear as a sort of false archive of pre-existing works. The Thumbnails series offers thumbnails of his paintings, reproductions of digital icons present on a computer, which offer a preview of the image files. The artist gives shape and three-dimensionality to the intangible archival materials such as thumbnails which are a tool for finding images. The reworking is multiple; the original works are photographed and reduced to icons all of the same format which are subsequently recreated as unique pieces with a standard size of 13x9x3 cm. With this series Huemer therefore works on the very concept of image and draws valuable information from the algorithm that determines the icons on the PC itself.
Between nature and architecture, neutral colors such as black, white and gray are contrasted with fluorescent colors, Markus's works acquire a strongly characteristic and recognizable style.


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