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Elevate your gallery's reach with our cutting-edge platform designed to promote, manage, discover and acquire contemporary art. Showcase your curated content to provide online users with a simple and easy way to approach the art market.

We stand firm in our conviction that the art world is defined by its distinctive and personal attributes, surpassing the limitations of a mere online platform. We were established with the explicit mission of crafting solutions tailored for art galleries navigating the intricate landscape of the art world.

Launch Your Gallery Into a Global Stage:

Boost your online presence with advanced digital strategies. Enjoy personalized gallery highlights in our weekly newsletter, reaching 30k+ subscribers, and showcase your gallery to 150k+ global visitors with a dedicated space on the Kooness Homepage, effortlessly connecting with a global audience.

Social Media Buzz:

Take advantage of our curated Social Platforms, boasting over 100k users worldwide. By gaining exposure to a diverse and expansive audience, you can watch your gallery captivate a broader spectrum of art enthusiasts.

Curate Your Narrative:

Through Kooness Art Magazine’s crafted editorials, provide collectors with insightful narratives about your artists and projects. With a robust SEO strategy driving 70% of our visitors, your gallery is guaranteed prime positions on internet search results.

Endless Solutions, Timeless Connections:

Beyond showcasing art, we're dedicated to cultivating relationships that stand the test of time. Elevate your gallery's operations with our efficient and easy Art Management System, ensuring every interaction contributes to a harmonious and lasting connection.

An Integral Service:

Kooness insists on supporting the promotion of our partner’s artists and artworks through our Art Advisory Service and Trade Program. We closely collaborate with our partners in order to offer a complimentary service to all art collectors who are looking for an art piece. Our dedicated team of specialists will handpick a selection of works chosen specifically from the inventory of our art galleries to fulfill our clients’ visions and needs.