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Kooness is a one-stop resource to promote, discover and acquire contemporary art pieces.

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Our curators select new artworks every week to include on our curated newsletter, delivered to our 30k+ subscribers.

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An exclusive section on Kooness Homepage dedicated to your artworks able to reach 150k+ unique visitors from 23 different countries.

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High visibility promotion through our Instagram page, followed by almost 50k+ users from all over the world.


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Kooness Magazine features news about your art gallery, in a way to provide collectors with additional context on your artists and projects through editorial tailor-made content.

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70% of our visitors come from our magazine due to our strong SEO activity. We guarantee indexing of your contents showing up on the top results on the Internet.

Art Advisory

Alongside its programme of promoting and showcasing art, Kooness insists on supporting the promotion of artworks through its Art Advisory Service.

Koooness closely collaborates with its gallery partners’ artists and works in order to offer a complimentary service to all art collectors who are looking for an art piece.

Our dedicated team of specialists will handpick a selection of works chosen specifically from the inventory of our art galleries.

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