Every living environment is home to a different style and unique taste. Often, artworks are chosen to fit the chosen decorating style rather than the other way around. However, artworks are the first tool to determine the mood and atmosphere of a space. The Shop by Decorating Styles section brings light to a selection of curated pieces to decorate all the spaces with different rules and practices such as contemporary, modern, mid-century, industrial, rustic, coastal, eclectic, bohemian and Scandinavian.

The contemporary interior design attempts to create a friendly yet clean and tidy atmosphere. Defined by subtlety and elegance, this style focuses on the space and the artworks rather than the furniture in it. The contemporary touch is given by some major components such as sophisticated colours, an open design and the blend of different textures. The colour palette ensures a touch of freshness within the contemporary décor.

Artworks for a contemporary home space can range from simple artworks with crisp lines and geometric shapes to paintings with bold colour blocks. Discover the Kooness selection to shop contemporary art, and contemporary paintings!