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03 July 2023

Venice Biennale meets ‘Foreigners Everywhere’ for it’s 2024 Art Exhibit

The official statement for the Biennale’s upcoming 60th edition theme has been released. Read the Article to discover more! Related Articles: , ,  This upcoming 2024 Venice Biennale is soundly in its works as on June 22, 20

05 September 2023

BOTTEGA '500 - Artists from the Italian Scene Resurface in New York

Bottega '500 - presented by the Italian gallery Tivarnella Art Consulting - is a contemporary art exhibition to be held in New York City from 8 to 11 September, where works by internationally active contemporary artists from the Italian scene wil

08 August 2023

Emerging Trends in the Art Market: A Detailed Analysis of The Art Market Report 2023

Curated by Clare McAndrew for Art Basel and UBS, the annual report "The Art Market Report 2023" presents one of the most comprehensive and detailed analyses of the global art market, highlighting its remarkable resilience despite the uncert

31 July 2023

Amy Nelder - A Painter's Journey Towards Dialogue and Change

The American artist Amy Nelder blends high realism with contemporary pop imagery. Read the article to discover about her newly-crafted technique - The "Pop Trompe L’oeil". Related Articles: , ,  In the world