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25 October 2023

Did this year’s Fair Paris+ by Art Basel outshine Frieze London?

The ultimate comparison between the French and British Art Scenes: who won the attention this year, Paris+ or Frieze? Related Articles: , , . The Art world has been abuzz with activities in the past weeks, particularly in the Eur

16 October 2023

41 Influential Contemporary Artists that Define our Age

What is Contemporary art? And how would you define a contemporary artist? Related articles:  -  -  The loose, simple definition is: art that has been made in the present day or in the relatively recent past. However, t

12 October 2023

Many as One: Michelangelo Pistoletto's Art Exhibition at the Rivoli Castle

Twenty-nine offices, each dedicated to an aspect of social life, transform the Rivoli Castle into a map of the vision of an ethical and harmonious society, a tribute to the master on the occasion of his 90th birthday. Related articles: , 

24 October 2023

Innovation and Intuition: Discover the Revolution of Tomás Castaño

An internationally renowned and self-taught artist, who is based on tenacity and enthusiasm, that opted for a realistic painting style, which he approaches by capturing constructed, well-drawn compositions. His work is characterized by

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