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Pink Monster

Single piece



91.4 x 121.9 cm
36 x 47.99 in






Acrylic on canvas

1974 , Japan

Samuel Bartlett is a painter and digital artist based in northeast Florida. With a career spanning over three decades, Samuel has established himself as an accomplished artist and has been featured in numerous gallery exhibitions and publications across the US and Europe. Born in Japan and growing up on the move, he always had a creative spark. After taking classes at Florida School of the Arts, Bartlett began is career with his first solo exhibition just a year later. In addition to his passion for art, Samuel pursued a successful career in Information Technology, earning multiple degrees in history and computer science along the way. He is currently working towards his MFA in painting at SCAD. He continues to create new works in his home shared with his wife and several cats.

Artist Statement: I fuse non-traditional materials and found items into my work, allowing me to break free from the confines of the canvas and giving my pieces a more sculptural quality. Nature and the effects of the passage of time are my two primary sources of inspiration, and I believe they offer a unique perspective on the interplay between the artificial and the natural. My art reflects my passion for exploring the complex relationship between human-made objects and the natural world. I challenge the viewer's perceptions of what is considered beautiful or valuable, instead offering a new way of experiencing the world around us.

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Los Angeles,

TERAVARNA (Formerly known as ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY), an independent gallery, promotes both traditional craftsmanship and contemporary art. The gallery was founded in Los Angeles and has spread its wings worldwide. Celebrated for its impeccable recognition of ground-breaking artistic talent, the Artists of TERAVARNA have caught the eye of the World...

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