Every living environment is home to a different style and unique taste. Often, artworks are chosen to fit the chosen decorating style rather than the other way around. However, artworks are the first tool to determine the mood and atmosphere of a space. The Shop by Decorating Styles section brings light to a selection of curated artworks to decorate all the spaces with different rules and practices such as contemporary, modern, mid-century, industrial, rustic, coastal, eclectic, bohemian and scandinavian.

If you are looking for artworks to decorate an eccentric environment, this selection dedicated to eclectic art must be for you. The eclectic style is original and particular, combining visual elements from different eras and blending trends. Colours and zest are the main components to the design, meanwhile its aim is to create a harmony between matchless objects. Artworks play a crucial role in this composition as they exalt your home space adding glamour and cohesiveness.

The unpredicted matches in this house style will seem simple through the choice of our artworks. Some of the most popular arrangements are contrasting textures, and the use of different tones to the same colour. The choice is broad, from dynamic and vivid paintings to geometric artworks, the eclectic style is the ideal ground to a vibrant feeling and bringing heaps of personality to your home.