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Giuseppe Veneziano was born in the town of Mazzarino (Caltanissetta, Sicily) on February 22, 1971 and lived in the municipality of Riesi (province of Caltanissetta) up to the age of 18. In 1996 he graduated from the University of Palermo with a degree in Architecture. While studying, he collaborated with several newspapers (The Giornale of Sicily, La Sicilia and Stilos) as a cartoonist and illustrator. In 1997 he moved to the city of Bologna which allowed him to collaborate with the Glauco Gresleri Architectural Studio. In 1998 he returned to Riesi where he opened his own studio. Alongside his activity as an architect, Veneziano also realized cartoons for several editing houses (Paruzzo Editors, Il Capitello Editor).
From 2000 to 2002 he held the position of Director of Didactics and Professor of Art History at the Giorgio de Chirico Academy of Fine Arts in Riesi. In the year 2002 he moved permanently to Milan to dedicate his energies exclusively to teaching and painting; he still today maintains his residence there.
The first time that the artwork of Giuseppe Veneziano was noticed dates back to 2004 during an exhibition entitled “In-Visi” curated by the writer Andrea G. Pinketts, and held at the Milanese pub Le Trottoir. Amongst the works displayed, a gigantic portrait of Osama Bin Laden. However the most debated work was the portrait of Maurizio Cattelan with a noose around his neck. Veneziano hung the work from the same tree where a month earlier the Paduan artist had hung three ragdoll children. Both portraits of Bin Laden and Maurizio Cattelan were published on the cover oF FLASH AR T magazine.
In 2006, Veneziano made headlines for himself during the exhibition “American Beauty” held at the prestigious and historic Milanese gallery, Luciano Inga Pin. One of the works presented was a painting that depicted the decapitation of the illustrious writer Oriana Fallaci, entitled “Occidente, Occidente”. According to the artist, his intentions were meant to be a reflection on the atmosphere of fear that most of Europe was experiencing post-September 11th and after the terrorist attacks set off in Madrid and London. During the opening days of the exhibition, it was broadcast on both national and international news media and a debate was initiated in which Dario Fo, Nobel Prize winner; Roberto Calderoli, Italian Minister; photographer Oliviero Toscano; the journalists Lucia Annunziata (editorial, La Stampa) and Renato Farina (editorial; Libero) and well-known art critics Flavio Caroli and Philippe Daverio all intervened. Even an outraged Oriana Fallaci herself wrote several articles in The New Yorker magazine. Many American blog spots accused Europe of anti –American sentiments, using the Giuseppe Veneziano exhibition as an example. In 2007 the artist participated in the 6th edition of the St. Petersburg Biennale where he achieves an award.
In 2008 he is amongst 20 artists invited to represent Italy at the “Artâthlos” exhibiton held during the XXXIX Olympic games in Beijing, China. In 2009 once again a painting by the Sicilian artist entitled “Novecento” captured the interest of both the public and media. The work is a reflection on the rapport between sex and power. Several protagonists of 20th century political history (Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Berlusconi…) are mated with cartoon heroines and porno-stars. The work was christened “The Cavalier’s Orgy” by the press. In the foreground of the enormous painting, Berlusconi is pictured in bed with Cicciolina. The work was displayed two months before the scandal broke over the parties taking place at Berlusconi’s residences; it was also published on the cover of the book by Paolo Guzzanti, “Mignottocrazia” (best translates to “Bitchocracy” or “Whore-ocracy”). In that same year during the Verona Art Fair, the painting, “Madonna del Terzo Reich” (The Virgin Mary of the Third Reich), which represents a revised version of Raphael’s Madonna Cowper,holding baby Hitler in her arms. The work was censured and the name of the artist was once again in the spotlight of national and international media. The Mayor, the Bishop and the Rabbi of the Jewish community in Verona all requested that it be removed. After the censure, under the empty space where the painting had previously hung, Veneziano sparked a protest declaring his right to freedom of expression. The writer Aldo Busi intervened in support of the artist.
The painting was once again displayed during the anthological exhibition of Giuseppe Veneziano entitled “Zeitgeist”, held on July 2010 in Pietrasanta (Lucca). Also in this occasion, fierce protests were drawn from the local Parish priest. The municipality of Pietrasanta revoked its patronage even before the inauguration and imposed that images of the work were not to be diffused, although posters had already been put up. The Mayor of Pietrasanta disassociated himself from the exhibition, but did not close it notwithstanding continuous pressure from the Bishop of the town of Lucca. In all the churches of Lucca, the Archbiship of Pisa published a letter declaring a ban on the entire exhibition. In defense of the artist diverse intellectuals intervened amongst which were Vittorio Sgarbi, Giampiero Mughini, Andrea G. Pinketts, etc… The exhibition remained open to the public and was an enormous success with over 10,000 visitors. During this period, the work was noted by gallery dealer Stefano Contini who purchased it as an addition to his prestigious personal collection. He also invited the artist to become part of his team of artists represented through the Contini galleries.
In 2011 Vittorio Sgarbi invited him to participate in the 54th edition of the Venice Biennale with an exhibition in the Italian Pavilion. In this highly esteemed location the artist exhibited the work, “Solitamente vesto Prada” (I Usually Wear Prada). The work was seen by stylists Dolce&Gabbana who commissioned two new works for their collection.
In 2012, Ivan Quaroni chose Veneziano amongst 60 Italian artists that participated in the Italy-China Biennale.
By critics and art magazines Veneziano is recognized as one of the maximum exponents of “Italian New Pop” and of the group “Italian Newbrow”.

Giuseppe Veneziano. Un artista contro... - Galleria D'arte Contini - via Roma, 2 - Cortina D'Ampezzo (BL)
A Surreal Chronicle of Reality, a cura di/curator Luca Beatrice, Galleria d’ arte Contini, Venezia
Giuseppe Veneziano - Galleria d’Arte Contini, via Roma 2, Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL)
Equivoci, a cura di/curator Vittorio Sgarbi, Museumon the Mafia, Salemi (Trapani), Italy
Zeitgeist, a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni - Palazzo Panichi, Gestalt Gallery, Municipality of Pietrasanta (Lucca), Italy
Italians do it better, a cura di/curator Luca Beatrice, Giampiero Mughini - Angel Art Gallery, Milan, Italy
(double solo show with Francesco De Molfetta)
Pregiudizio Universale, a cura di/curator Luca Beatrice - Angel Art Gallery, Milan, Italy
La Rivoluzione d’Agosto, a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni - Studio D’Arte Fioretti, Bergamo, Italy
Self Portrait, a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni - KGallery, Legnano (Milan), Italy
American Beauty, a cura di/curator Chiara Canali, Ivan Quaroni - Luciano Inga Pin Gallery, Milan, Italy
In-visi, Andrea G. Pinketts - Le Trottoir, Milan, Italy
G8, curator Franco Spena - Art Factory, Milan, Italy
Segnali di Fumo, a cura di/curator Francesco Carbone, Aurelio Pes - Opera Universitaria, Palermo, Italy

Artisti di Sicilia, a cura di/curator Vittorio Sgarbi, Museo ex Stabilimento Florio delle tonnare, Favignana (TP)
Superheroes 2.0, a cura di/curator Silvia Fabbri, Villa Bertelli, Forte dei Marmi (LU)
Greetings From Italy, Farm Cultural Park, Favara (AG)
Rewind, 50 anni di Fender in Italia – Museo e Biblioteca della Musica, Bologna
L’arte è un romanzo, a cura di/curator Luca Beatrice, Museo Civico di Arte Contemporanea, Palazzo della Penna Perugia
Riflessi d’Italia, a cura di/curator Chiara Argentieri e Angela Memola, C.U.B.O., Bologna
Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea Italia- Cina 2012 – Villa Reale Monza
Cattive Compagnie, Italian Newbrow - b/side a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni, Fortino Napoleonico, Forte dei Marmi (LU)
Italian Newbrow – b/side a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni, Palazzo Volpi, Como
Padiglione Italia alla 54° Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte della Biennale di Venezia, a cura di/curator Vittorio Sgarbi, Arsenale, Venezia
Tra il sublime e l’idiota: l’umorismo nell’arte contemporanea, a cura di/curator Luca Beatrice, Biennale internazionale dell’Umorismo nell’Arte, Palazzo Parisani Bezzi, Tolentino (MC)
Italian Pop Surrealism: Into the Future, a cura di/curator Andrea Oppenheimer, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Musei Capitolini Centrale Montemartini, Roma
Palermo Under Attak, Farm Cultural Park, Palazzo Steri, Palermo
Danno d’Immagine, a cura di/curator Cecilia Freschini, Lo zajia lab, Pechino
Premio Maretti 3° edizione, a cura di/curator Raffelle Gavarro, Museo Pecci, Prato
Italian Newbrow, - b/side a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni - Area/B Gallery, Milan, Italy
XXS, a cura di/curator Emma Gravagnuolo - Superstudio Più Gallery, Milan, Italy
Micropop&Nipposuggestioni, a cura di/curator Cristian Gancitano - Angel Art Gallery, Milan, Italy
Marilyn Monroe - L’arte della Bellezza, a cura di/curator Carlo Occhipinti - Villa Ponti, Arona (Novara), Italy
Obraz 10 – Obraz Gallery, Milan, Italy
Anni ’00, a cura di/curator A. Cruciani, Fiordalice Sette, Grace Zanotto - Famiglia Margini Gallery, Milan, Italy
L’ombra della Luce, a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni - Officine dell’immagine, BAF, Bergamo, Italy
Prague Biennale, a cura di/curator Giancarlo Politi, Helena Kontova, sectionItalianNewbrow curator Ivan Quaroni – Prague, Czech Republic
SerrONE, Biennale Giovani, a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni - Serrone Villa Reale, Monza, Italy
Luna e l’altra, curator Ilaria Bignotti, Matteo Galbiati - Colossi Contemporary Art Gallery, Brescia, Italy
Undercover, a cura di/curator Mimmo Di Marzio - Wannabee Gallery, Milan, Italy
ItalianNewbrow, a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni - Carini &Donatini Gallery, San Giovanni Valdarno (Arezzo), Italy
Spaghetti pop Festival, a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni - Studio D’arte Fioretti, Bergamo, Italy
Circe, a cura di/curator Alessandra Merisi - Bartoli-Felter Foundation for the Arts, Cagliari, Italy
Master of Brera, a cura di/curator Rolando Bellini - Liu Hai-Su Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Beautiful Dreamers, a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni - Angel Art Galley,Milan, Italy
Rumors, ex Arsenale Borgo Dora, ItalianFactory, Turin, Italy
Trick or Treat, a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni – SpazioinmostraGalley, Milan, Italy
VII Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea di San Pietroburgo, a cura di/curator Enzo Fornaro, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Artâthlos (XXXIX OlimpicPekin Games), Haidian Exhibition Center, Pekin, China
Hiperorganic, a cura di/curator Jacqueline Ceresoli - Triennial of Milan, Milan, Italy
Allarmi 4, a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni, Alessandro Trabucco, Alberto Zanchetta - Caserma De Cristoforis, Como, Italy
Le fabbriche dell’arte a cura di/curator Marco Cingolati – Stelline Foundation, Milano
Overview, a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni – Arsprima Association for Contemporary Arts, Valmadrera (Lecco), Italy
Varial. Appunti per un discorso provvisorio, a cura di/curator Franco Spena - Centro Sociale Montedoro, Montedoro (Caltanissetta), Italy
Expo 40x40, a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni - Studio D’arte Fioretti, Bergamo, Italy
Nerazzurra – Mandelli Contemporary Art Gallery, Seregno (Milan), Italy
La nuova figurazione italiana. To be continued… , a cura di/curator Chiara Canali - Fabbrica Borroni (Milan), Italy
Il treno dell’arte. da Tiziano alla Street Art: 500 anni di arte italiana, curator Vittorio Sgarbi, Luca Beatrice, Chiara Canali, Duccio Trombadori – Termini Railway Station, Rome, Italy
A ferro e Fuoco. Lo straordinario quotidiano della cucina – Triennial of Milan, Milan, Italy
La vita attiva, continuità di senso, a cura di/curator Antonio Picariello – Macchiagodena Castle, Isernia (Benevento), Italy
Radical She II, curator Andrea Bartoli – Favara Castle, Favara (Agrigento), Italy
Impronte Digitale, a cura di/curator Cecilia Antolini – Gangi Municipal Building, Gangi (Palermo), Italy
Lo stato dell’arte, a cura di/curator Loris di Falco – Obraz Gallery, Milan, Italy
60 Opere di arte contemporanea per Adisco, a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni - Sotheby’s, Milan, Italy
Lost in a Supermarket, a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni - Studio d’Arte Fioretti, Bergamo, Italy
K to your heart, a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni – Kgallery Gallery, Legnano, Italy
Crisis. Il declino del supereroe, a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni - San Salvatore Gallery, Modena, Italy
15 volte 1 volto, a cura di/curator Chiara Canali – Spazioinmostra Gallery, Milan, Italy
Allarmi 2- Il cambio della Guardia, a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni, Norma Mangione, Cecilia Antolini, Alessandro Trabucco - Caserma De Cristoforis, Como, Italy
Bodynobody, a cura di/curator Luciano Inga Pin and Giuseppe Savoca - Luciano Inga Pin Gallery, Milan, Italy
60 Opere di arte contemporanea per Adisco, a cura di/curator Claudio Cerritelli - Sotheby’s, Milan, Italy
Sorsi di Pace - nell’Arte Contemporanea, a cura di/curator Ivan Quaroni - Gemme (Novara), Italy
Radical She, curator Helga Marsala - GoshContemporary Art, Riesi (Caltanissetta), Italy
Creative Turbulences 2, a cura di/curator Alessandra Merisi, Rosa Anna Musumeci - Bartoli-Felter Foundation for the Arts, Cagliari, Italy
Liberando, a cura di/curator Franco Spena - Palazzo del Carmine, Caltanissetta, Italy
Lo sguardo altrove, a cura di/curator curator Federico Bianchi - Luciano Inga Pin Gallery, Milan, Italy
Gaber - Bianca Maria Rizzi Gallery, Milan, Italy
Il Sacro - San Fedele Gallery, Milan, Italy
Ritorno a Itaca - San Fedele Gallery, Milan, Italy
Religion - FARM, Mazzarino (Caltanissetta), Italy
Auto-ritratto - San Fedele Gallery, Milan, Italy
1° Mostra Indipendente – Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan, Italy