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ART-PREVIEW has been created by experienced art specialists that combine various areas of the art industry. Matteo Sormani is founder and ceo of Art - Preview. New artists are selected by a closed committee to be represented in the Art-Preview portfolio. Our closed platform assures access to final collectors that are open to invest through a guided advisory. The human bond that connects our advisors to final buyers is key in the approach of Art-Preview. Nowadays the market is overwhelmed with innumerable proposals and this can easily confuse the interest of a buyer when purchasing a new artwork. The role of our advisors is to scout and study the projection of young promises giving them possibilities to reach the same audience that international fairs target. Fairs have become more often only a social event and not a real moment of discovery and analysis for art investors. The process that Art-Preview adopts is by submitting properly and through a comparative system a correct and explained investment on the Artists for which the committee has vouched for. Our artists are followed by a devoted management team that helps them develop their career and placement in the industry. These tools allow the Artists to find a proper growth over private events, exclusive presentations, direct introductions and corporate events.

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Corso D'Augusto n.217
47921 Rimini

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168 SE 1st St Suite 706
33131 Miami
United States


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