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Elevate Your Space with Art, Boost Your Value
Kooness Trade Program

Kooness trade program is a service that offers tailor-made solutions for professionals and businesses to support and inspire their clients with a selection of artworks that suit their needs and preferences.

Our trade program offers custom art selections that align with your vision, transforming spaces and projects into unique reflections of your style and identity.

Art as an Investment:

Discover the unparalleled synergy between art and real estate. Our advisors provide a 360-degree service, connecting art, design, and architecture to enhance the value and appeal of your property, unlocking added value for future prosperity.

A Powerful Partnership:

Architects, developers, designers, and brokers acknowledge the influential relationship between art and real estate. At Kooness, we understand that art sells real estate, and real estate sells art.

Seamless Integration: From Vision to Reality

Collaborate with our advisors to handpick art that resonates with your vision and purpose. From selection to exhibition and handling, we take care of every detail to seamlessly integrate art into your interior design, creating a truly immersive experience.

Transformative Power of Art:

Art possesses the transformative ability to revitalize both the ambiance and the value of any space. Experience the profound impact of curated art in elevating the aesthetic and financial value of your property.



Alignment on the clients’ needs and purpose

Tailored and exclusive artworks selected by our art advisors based on style, taste, medium, size, colours, subject, budget, etc.



Preliminary studies, 3D modelling and architectural plans for the client

Agreement on layout and number of artworks

Project proposal for clients’ approval.


Logistics & Setup

Production of supporting documentation for the selected artworks

Alignment with the client / broker / designer to deliver and install the selected artworks.

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