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These are the values we believe in

We believe in fostering creativity for a better world. We do this by offering a one-stop-resource for those interested in accessing the vast contemporary art world, in a very simple and transparent way.

Art is intrinsic in our lives. Kooness is founded on values we all share and are ready to stand for. They bring us together and define our identity. We stay true to our values because we live them every day.

We Care

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. We value each collector and gallery partner that chooses our services. Our genuine care for the work and our extra attention is what makes us stronger, eager to exceed clients’ expectations. We insist on providing outstanding artworks and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.

We are Innovators

We promote innovation and forward-thinking. We have a natural inclination to change and ability to anticipate trends are the core elements that drive Kooness long-term objectives and willingness to embrace the future. We embrace change and reject the fear of the unknown as a reason for not doing something.

We are Transparent

We live in a world that is pushing for more transparency in everything. This may have been fine a few years ago, but NOT now. We feel compelled to share information and to foster transparency making data available and allow people to benchmark.

We Embrace Challenge

We see tough challenges and problems as a means to reach our full potential. We always raise the bar and push beyond our limits to be successful. We’re ambitious and ready to walk the extra mile—we left our comfort zone behind when we started this journey.

We are a Tribe

We' re a young and cohesive team. We seek for partners, not employees. We value the diversity of individuals, cultures, and points of view. We love improving existing skills and acquiring new competencies. Work is way more fun, when you pursue your goals with people you know, like, and trust. We believe in young people hungry for achievement and growth.

We Aim High

We never settle down and we are always seeking for new and exciting adventures. We are impatient to see big things happen and we embrace change. Our long-term ambition is to be one of the greatest art-tech companies in the art world.