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Kooness is a climate pioneer!

"Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature" Cicero

  • The art world has been invited to raise global public awareness of the threats to the planet’s well-being and all the life that depends on it.
  • Cultural institutions have the potential and track record of being a transformative force, frequently positioned at the forefront of change.
  • With its ability to push boundaries, tell stories, and connect with audiences, the arts play a critical role in catalyzing social shifts toward sustainability and regeneration and address all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Kooness partners with Green Future Project whose mission is to reverse the effect of climate change, preserving the planet for both current and future generations.

Kooness supports two projects: Canandè Reserve in Ecuador and Vilamatsa Reforestation Site in Madagascar to offset the CO2 emissions related to its activities.

Specifically, the project planned for The Vilamatsa restoration area, located on the farthest western point of Madagascar near Cape St. Andre aims to provide support to local communities to plant and manage mangrove forests on community land surrounding the village, offering long-term employment to local communities and livelihood improvements, while also protecting the critical biodiversity that relies on mangrove forests to survive.

While the project designed for Canande Reserve in Ecuador focuses on enlarging the reserve and protecting the remaining area of the Choco.

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