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Raffaele Minotto

Padova, Italy

6 Works exhibited on Kooness

Works by Raffaele Minotto

Bosco invernale


40 x 50cm

4400,00 €

Ombre sulla neve


110 x 110cm

10700,00 €



100 x 100cm

9800,00 €



50 x 50cm

4900,00 €

Raggi di sole nel salotto


60 x 30cm

4400,00 €

Poltrone fuori posto


150 x 150cm

14600,00 €

Raffaele Minotto was born in Padua in 1969. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts, Painting course, in Venice, where he graduated in 1991. His artistic research focuses on the study of the figure and its interaction with the surrounding environment. He pays attention to the visual perception of images through the study of 'color matter' and 'sign': in the paintings of recent years, in particular, he favors a balance, a dialogue between painting and drawing. In addition to painting, he works as an engraver, dedicating himself above all to the technique of etching and drypoint. 

In 1995 he held his first personal exhibition at the Centre of the History of Costume 'Ieri Attualità' in Padua and from this moment on he began to exhibit his works continuously. Via Euganea', an exhibition held in Padua in 2003 and curated by Giorgio Segato, well documents the intense work done in these years. More recently, in 2009, Minotto's painting was selected for 'Contemplazioni': a large exhibition curated by Alberto Agazzani that proposed, in the Castello Sismondo in Rimini, an effective point of view on Italian painting. In 2010 he proposed a new cycle of works on the theme of 'reflections'.