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75 x 50 cm
30 x 19.69 in






revealed in giclee on Canson matte paper of 310 gr. Medium Still Life.

, Spain

Manuel Granados’ career has been drawn up in a rhizomatic way thanks to the need to get rid of preconceived lines, but above all by disregarding the imperative of objectives and reputation.

For this reason, there is no single thread that explains its trajectory of almost 30 years of creation. Without a doubt, the most obvious of his work is the conceptual complexity. His career has been plotting, bringing into play multiple languages (photography, painting, poetry, drawing, text, audiovisual) and the plurality of collaborators and portrayed.
But, above all, Manuel's concern has resided in the convergence of variations of non-hierarchical concepts and senses that have resulted in a trajectory without beginning or end. The result is a map that is created and destroyed in every glance: loaded with images that become entangled in events, due to a coherent need to connect, at the same time that cracks and ruptures are established with the environment that welcomes it. 

In these years, he has seen the birth, growth and death of numerous publishing projects, record companies, fashion fairs and art galleries with which he has actively collaborated; Despite having a character related to detachment and impermanence, he has developed skills that have allowed him to combine works in culture and art magazines such as  Ajo Blanco, LO magazine, Rojo or Look de Book, while preparing advertising campaigns for fairs such as Cibeles, Gaudí o Fashion Weeks in New York or Moscow or his works were exhibited since Expo’92 in Seville, private galleries like Ignacio de Lassaletta, Punto Arte and Mutuo Centro de Arte in Barcelona, Menosuno Space in Madrid or BAI Gallery in New York, even Art institutions like IVAM in Valencia, Palacio San Esteban or el Centro de Arte los Molinos in Murcia, el MUA in Alicante, The Unstitute in London, Contemporary Museum of Vienna, Palau Robert or Palacete Riquer Sabaté in Barcelona, El Brocense in Cáceres, CEX in Ciudad Real. His video art has been screened at festivals in Colony, Nice, New York, Berlin, London, Gainsborough, Italy or India, in parallel to art fairs like Fotofest Houston, Arti in Hague, The Kunsart in Bolzano, Art Pavoda (Padua), Arte Cremona or Show Art Busan (Corea), Utopía Markets Photo, Utopía Markets Poesía, Revela-T,  DOCfield 16.

In this way, Granados remains out of trends and movements; a tangential line that implies to live in the limits, from where perspective and distance allow him to build paradoxically, strong and light links, for more lucid and fluid communication.


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Barcelona, Estudio Mínimo C/ Dr. Bové 100 sótano

Susana Pardo Gallery is a delocalized space whose objective is to enable the intersection between ways of creating, producing and disseminating contemporary art. A territory that is articulated between virtual and live art, where the visual oscillates from the experiential to what is recorded in the text, image or audiovisual document. Production, curatin...

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