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What They Said About Us 
"Simplifying and reducing our network of endless online platforms through Kooness and their new Management System has helped us not only cut down on costs, but to make our internal operations much smoother. Having every online activity centralized on only platform has really been a game changer!"

The newest release of our Art Management System revolutionises all the day-to-day endeavours to a simple, quick click solution.

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This year, Kooness has officially launched our long awaited Art Management System which supports all the time-consuming challenges galleries face daily, from inventory to administrative complications. The Art Management System is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify, streamline, and elevate galleries’ management experience. 

Our System is designed to be an all-in-one hub that integrates every operational aspect, saving time and money. During the past month, our team has worked on adding new language options. We have now expanded to include Italian, Spanish, and French, in addition to English, which was already in use. Without any complex learning curves and an accessible design even on the phone, our System is set to be your gallery’s new most powerful ally.

With state of the art technology for bulk data import, as well as our team’s full support throughout every step of the way, our Art Management System was developed to bring more and better solutions to galleries all over the world, for a fraction of the market price.

Below, you'll find a detailed breakdown of all the functions of the Art Management System.

Galleries, Artists, and Artworks Sections

Through an intuitive, simple and modern design, in the gallery section, galleries using the Art Management System can add main information such as location, a profile picture, and a brief description, as well as their logos for personalized documents. Similarly, in the artists and artworks sections, specific details are required according to their respective specifications. Since we are aware that some artists prefer not to have their profiles or artworks online, each gallery has the right to select whether or not profiles and artworks are visible on our integrated e-commerce. 

Exhibitions & Booths Sections

For galleries participating in art fairs or hosting exhibitions, this section enables tracking of exhibited artworks, their status, and other relevant details. Once each event is saved, with just 2 clicks, galleries can convert the exhibition or booth into personalised catalogues, ready to be shared via link, PDF or, even easier, via email directly to collectors, clients, and visitors.


Art Management System via phone. Courtesy of Kooness



The Art Management System offers an easy and straightforward catalogue function, simplifying the creation process by allowing users to select artworks and generate a personalised catalogue with just a click. We have developed three format options for the catalogue; PDF download, direct link, or email delivery,  a way to share instantly with artists, curators, collectors, and collaborators. Personalising one’s catalogs is key, and through Kooness’ Art Management System, each gallery can decide what information to show, as well as the layout.

Kooness Catalogue Desktop View. Courtesy of Kooness


The contacts section displays all the gallery’s contacts, while ensuring privacy to the account owner. All types of contacts can be added into the system, from customers and prospects, to business partners and artists. Galeries are invited to tag their clients based on their interests in terms of mediums, price range, categories, and location, in order to make a filtered search when sending email campaigns with catalogues. 


In the reports section, personalised reports will be available for galleries, including inventory and analytical reports. The system also provides consignment reports, exhibition reports, invoices, and data import history. The system also automatically generated consignment reports, exhibition reports, invoices, and data import history. Reports can be downloaded in various formats and once again, easily shared with contacts. 


The sales section houses all quotes, proformas, and invoices, which are integrated into the gallery’s inventory list, as well as entirely customizable through gallery logos, discounts, taxes and shipping costs. This section is also completely confidential and private, and only the user’s profile has access to it.

Simplicity is our Art Management System’s keyword, offering straightforward and efficient features.  The system’s user-friendly interface allows our clients to sit back, relax, and focus more on the art and less on the paperwork. The system tracks activities, keeps track of client engagement and streamlines gallery operations.

Click on the link to learn more, and contact us to book a demonstration of the limitless solutions that our Management System can bring your way!

Written by Kooness

Cover Image: Art Gallery. Courtesy of Canva

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