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Tarquinia, Italy

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"I was born in Tarquinia on January 14, 1968. For as long as I can remember I can be seen with colored pencils or whatever concocting. When I was about 10 years old I found myself attending a workshop called Etruscoludens where Roberto Sebastian Matta used to come and experiment with everything, mostly ceramics, and there I discovered a world and fell in love! You know, however, that as a kid you fall in love with everything, and after three years I started the hard job of a boy and completely changed my life, "learn a trade, it will do you good!" my father! And so I did, I learned many trades, which I am not here to tell, in fact it is useless for me to write about my life.

Today I find myself re-doing the same things I did as a child, and it is incredible for me to think that a part of my world has gone into private and public collections and even of some importance, such as the Bank of Italy, the Bologna Fair, collectors, critics and people who esteem my work and I am proud of that!"

Marco Ferri

In 2016 six works were acquired by the Bank of Italy's contemporary art collection. Exhibitions include: D’altro Canto, Auditorium San Pancrazio, Tarquinia – Hypothesis, Atto I, Nuova Galleria Morone, Milano – Green, Galleria Il Sole, Roma (2021) – M’al tempo stesso e viceversa, Galleria il Sole, Roma – Dolci carezze di sale, Galleria La Fonderia, Firenze (2019) – Pan Hormos, Palermo città porto, at "la Banca D’Italia di Palermo", a cura di Giorgia Salerno – A cor leggero, curated by Philippe Daverio, Biblioteca del Daverio, Milano (2018) – A prevalente regime di brezza, Testo di Ivan Quaroni, Morotti Arte Contemporanea, Milano – Motivi d’incerta rilevanza, Galleria C2 Contemporary Art, Firenze (2017) – Artefiera Bologna Solo Show, Morotti Arte Contemporanea, Daverio, Varese – In principio è la terra, Forte di Gavi, curated by Resilienza Italiana, Kevin Mc Manus and Matteo Galbiati (2016) – In-costrante rilevanza, Morotti Arte Contemporanea, Daverio, Varese – La ceramica contemporanea in Italia, curated by Luciano Marziano e Mariastella Margozzi, Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna, Roma (2015) – Per certi versi, curated by Francesca Baboni e Stefano Taddei. Galleria Bonioni Arte, Reggio Emilia – Ad Alessandria fa molto caldo, Biblioteca Vallicelliana, Roma – Per corsi per versi, Studio Apeiron, Sovigo MI (2012) – Terracolta, Musei di San Salvatore in Lauro, Roma – Percorso cromatici, Galleria Bonioni Arte, Reggio Emilia (2011) – Palazzo Comunale, Tarquinia – Tana libera tutti, Galleria Il Sole, Roma – Galleria Beim Engel Lussemburgo, Istituto Italiano di Bruxelles (2010) – Ruritalia, Sala dei Dioscuri del Quirinale, Roma e Sala Sacchetti, Tarquinia – Un castello per l’arte contemporanea, Castello di San Giorgio, Maccarese, Roma (2009) – Di terra e di luce, presso Tarquinia Auditorium San Pancrazio (2008).