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Works by Ettore Spalletti

Ettore Spalletti is a contemporary Italian artist known for his Minimalist installations of sculptures and paintings. Employing subtle aspects of color and geometry, Spalletti’s works immerse the viewer into a full sensory experience.

“The paintings bestow color to the whiteness, which then becomes pink in the red room, bluish in the blue room, and so on,” he said of his installations. “The intensity of the light diffuses the pigments inside the space of the room, which becomes a transparent volume of color. I wanted to have the feeling of being immersed in the color.”

Born in 1940 in Cappelle sul Tavo, Italy, he studied art in his home town and attended lectures by the architect Aldo Rossi. Despite the fact that he came of age as an artist in Italy during the Arte Povera movement, Spalletti’s love of color separated him from their gray toned sensibilities. Instead he found inspiration in the Renaissance frescoes of Masaccio and Piero della Francesca, from whom he borrowed the powdery blues and pinks often employed in his own work.

The artist has gone on to participate in Venice Biennale and two editions of documenta in Kassel. He continues to live and work in his hometown of Cappelle sul Tavo, Italy.