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Omaggio a Lionello Venturi


70.1 x 50.04 x 1.02cm

Achille Perilli was born in 1927 in Rome, Italy. Perilli perceives art as a display of a new, special dislocation of the figures with laws and proper articulations. He graduated under Lionello Venturi, his mentor, with a thesis on the subject of the metaphysical paintings of Giorgio De Chirico. In 1945, he founded Gruppo Arte Sociale (GAS) with Dorazio, Guerrini, Vespignani and others. In this period, he met Attardi, Accardi, Sanfilippo, Turcato and Consagra in the studio of Guttuso and in 1947 he adhered to the Forma 1 manifest. Perilli exhibited r with Burri, Capogrossi, Ballocco and Colla. He was also invited by Fontana to the Triennale of Milan.