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3100 EUR
4.2 5 20

Tanto grate


Single piece Signed



71 x 56 x 5 cm
28 x 22.05 x 1.97 in







Acrylics, canvas, iron and beeswax on wood


1968 Tarquinia, Italy

Marco Ferri was born in Tarquinia on January 14, 1968. For as long as he can remember, he has been seen with coloured pencils or something else concocting. When he was about 10 years old he attended a workshop called Etruscoludens where Roberto Sebastian Matta used to come and experiment with everything, mostly ceramics. Here, he discovered a world and fell in love! You know, however, that when you are a boy you fall in love with everything, and after three years he started in the boy's hard profession and changed his life completely, 'learn a trade, it will do you good!' his father told him! And so he did, he learnt many trades.

Today, he finds himself doing the same things he did as a child, and it is incredible for him to think that part of his world has ended up in private and public collections and even of a certain relevance, such as the Bank of Italy, the Bologna Trade Fair, collectors, critics and people who value his work.

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La Fonderia is a modern and contemporary art gallery that opened in 2018 at the behest of Niccolò Mannini, a young entrepreneur with an innate passion for culture and the arts who has emerged from many years of work in the art market. The Gallery offers works and exhibitions ranging from national and international 20th-century masters to young emerging and...

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