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10 February 2022

Why Investing In Art Is a Good Idea

Some collect rare coins, others are interested in stamps or adore antiques, furniture, or even property. Every investment is a risk, but why would anybody invest in something as subjective as Art in this time of crisis? Related articles: &nbs

2 December 2021

15 Contemporary Black Artists Everyone Should Know About

Table of Contents Contemporary Black artists are reclaiming their rightful place in the art world, offering profound and inspiring explorations into the themes of identity, heritage

1 February 2022

What is immersive art? The story of immersive art and 5 exhibitions you can visit in 2022.

You have probably heard about the Van Gogh immersive art "experience" exhibition. The touring show is a series of large-scale digital projections of the painter's work, complete with sounds and visuals that swirl around the exhibition s

23 February 2022

What is action painting? 7 unmistakeable action paintings from Jackson Pollock to Action Bronson

Table of Contents In 1952, the influential American art critic Harold Rosenberg noticed a new trend in painting. Artists like Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning were no longer trying to paint their surr

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