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Sculpture 14.5 x 30 x 12.5cm

Diamond skully

Sculpture 20 x 25 x 20cm

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The Itch

Sculpture 22 x 25 x 22cm

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25 July 2022

A Post Covid World

Looking at the initial findings of audience attendance in the post-Covid-19 world. Related articles:  -  -  How did the dreaded pandemic impact our will to enjoy cultural events? It was a hard hit for many. Cultural

23 July 2022

The Global Art Market: the last report

Looking back at 2021: The Key Findings of the Art Market 2022 Report by Art Basel and UBS. Related articles:  -  -  Published in March 2022, the latest Art Market Report by Art Basel and UBS provides us with an account

23 July 2022

What is composition in art? The definition explained through famous artworks

Table of Contents   Composition in art is the putting together of different elements. While a music composer puts together notes and chords to create harmony, so too does the artist. Photographers, painter

23 July 2022

Bridging physical and digital through an NFT Exhibition

Is it possible to make NFTs accessible to those who are not familiar with the digital realm? Are they forever going to be seen as a separate category? Related images:  -  -  Digital and physical are often seen as direct

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