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The exhibition will take place from September 24, 2021 to October 3, 2021. Tuesday to Sunday 13:30-19:30.

AAIE Center For Contemporary Art inaugurates the exhibition “ La figurazione dell’immaginario ‘quintetto” that puts in dialogue the five masters Pier Luigi Berto, Beatrice Cignitti, Giovanni Tommasi Ferroni, Maya Kokocinski Molero, Adriano Pompa, curated by Wang Yongxu.
This series of paintings and drawings represents the culmination of a complex research of the five masters on the relationship between natural and artificial selection, heart and body, portrait and gaze, good and evil, mystery and paganism of the character. Strongly expressive figurative visions and images that are closely linked to reality: allegorical compositions, dark visions, often grotesque and full of tension and works where the painting comes to dilate in space.

Linear drawing is the means by which the eye can access the maximum clarity and bring thought to the utmost precision, Matisse maintains. Thinking shares many aspects with drawing. Both the first activity and the second take place according to an almost linear course in time: their purpose is to channel and delimit the incessant flow of ideas that has not yet taken on a form of its own. It is the works themselves that answer the questions posed by the artists in the dialogue that arises from the confrontation.

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