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From November 11 to December 4, at AAIE Center For Contemporary Art Rome, the exhibition PROMENADE the painted music of Angelo Antonio Falmi and Mario Cerrone, curated by Mauro Pratesi.
A.A Falmi to be a painter and a poet, because poetry, painting and music complement each other, looking for, along parallel roads that are located in an infinite point on the horizon. make a reverse operation and create shared works painted by four hands, inserting their brushstroke in the color of the other, as a meeting that there is between artists who have different sensibilities but find themselves in conceiving and implementing a work together.
Angel Antonio Falmi
Artist and Lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera Milan.
He was born in Farini (Pc), Italy, on 10/05/1955, and lives in Bagno a Ripoli (Fi).
Mario Cerrone 
Born in Athens in 1995, he graduated in pictorial decoration at the art institute ''Fausto Melotti'' of Lomazzo; later he graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. He attends the atelier of the artist Gianluigi Alberio from Como, where he learns the art of airbrushing. She studies Byzantine iconography, and works together with her mother and aunt, iconographers by profession. Since 2020 he has been assistant professor of painting techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera with the teacher Angelo Falmi. She travels and deepens the Hellenic culture, exploring the territory and ancient traditions, towards the discovery of myths and forms of belonging.


...è molto strano 

...il tuo silenzio


...mi trovi  

nel pensiero dell'inverno

nelle orme della neve

...nel letargo dei ponti


...nel nuoto dei mari

nelle ali dei cigni

nei sentieri delle ruote

...nelle orme dei passi


non chiudere la porta

la luna piena illumina la notte!

Non è possibile?

...è molto strano 



I wanted to begin the presentation of this "EXHIBITION" with a poem by A.A. Falmi who, in addition to being a painter, also writes, precisely because poetry, painting and music complement each other, they seek each other out, they travel parallel roads that find themselves in an infinite point on the horizon.
Contrary to Musorgskiji, Falmi and Cerrone paint music, they make a reverse operation and create shared works of art painted by four hands, inserting their own brushstroke in the other's color, as an encounter between artists who have different sensibilities but find themselves in conceiving and creating a work together.
As we know, "Pictures of an Exhibition" is a suite created in memory of his friend, the architect and artist Viktor Hartmann, who died prematurely at the age of 39. Musorgskiji walks, visits a posthumous exhibition in St. Petersburg, and realizes in his walk between one painting and another that the life of his friend is in his paintings as an external breath that never dies.
that never dies. It is for us a mysterious work that unites the visible of the image 
to the invisible and ineffable power of music in its notes and chords.
For A.A. Falmi and M.Cerrone it is a "journey" in the company of its five promenades with the various stages in the "paintings" watched with the silence of those who with their eyes admire the strength of the shapes and colors.
In the work, one can hear the "path" of the steps as notes and for the paintings Falmi and Cerrone have taken the titles of the paintings on which the musician lingered.
The explicit reference of this interesting and captivating exhibition is to the masterpiece of M.P. Musorgkiji: PROMENADE,; the painted music is clearly inspired by "QUADRI di una ESPOSIZIONE" written for piano and musically reinterpreted by great composers such as Ravel etc., by the suggestions received from the painting of the artist friend Haussmann who has just died and are relived and proposed not without a commendable effort not lacking in courage in the paintings of A.A. Falmi and M. Cerrone.
The artists worked listening to the music . The artists worked while listening to the music, closing their eyes to the color. Certainly the undertaking, not new in the course of time, is one to make one's skin crawl considering the comparison, but Falmi and Cerrone were able to capture very well the atmospheric and stratospheric lyricism of the music of the great composer, especially in the greatness of the "PROMENADE" where in their canvases the blues, the blues, the ultramarine fluctuate like a magic rhythmic dance, drowned in the lapis lazuli tones shattered with the warm notes of carmine, of golds, of yellows or of cinnabar that seem to send us back to those very high, deep and indelible notes of the "Musoskian" masterpiece.
Mauro Pratesi

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