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The exhibition is a solo exhibition by Donglai Mong and will run from 14 July 2021 to 03 August 2021.

Donglai Mong b.1994, Dalian, China, multimedia, conceptual artist, currently living and working in the Netherlands. 

To restore the context of the artist's creation, it is not difficult to find that several seemingly insoluble artistic styles combine properly into a murmuring collection of poetry. She is willing and constantly trying to make the conceptual framework of her own artistic language, and the struggle and relief shown in MengDonglai's works are very vivid. It seems that every artistic creation cannot be released from certain dogmas, and what she has done is to always warn herself to be vigilant.

It is commendable for a young artist that -- she does not allow herself to fall into a trap of imaginary happiness, a stereotypical mode of deception.

"I imagine that my feet are a pearl clam, after years of friction and infiltration, there will always be several metamorphosis into pearls." It is her soliloquy to everyone.

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