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The Black Room seems tailor-made for Espina de Vil, and this artist is a most irreverent, subversive, vindictive and very political creator incorrect. Her individual exhibition LA HEREJE will tell us about this, a project which houses several of his paintings on canvas and paper, the screening of his short film “Epitaph” and a performance, all next Thursday, April 18 at 8 p.m. With his own very original iconography, Espina uses artistic expression to shout and express your person, your feelings, experiences and nuances, transforming “the ugly” in something beautiful, always under a vision of mortuary beauty, an aura of terror classical, demonology, witchcraft, transvestism and sexuality.

Emphasizing the taboo, the artist gives a place in her works to the marginal, the prohibited or corrupted, through a technique called “PsychoAnarchist”, which It is not governed by rules or patterns, but by the essence of the moment, the soul and the heart.

In art, the expression of the self and the other have always gone hand in hand. The body metaphysical opposed to the tangible subject, is the one who proclaims an intimate expression of a brutalist world. Norms establish tastes, behaviors, wills, but THE HERETIC breaks with all that and walks its path in loneliness.In this exhibition we will delve into a macabre, twisted, visceral and real of the artist who, with her brush and a lot of smell of turpentine, achieves show us what no one talks about and avoids. Thorn of Vil, a Luciferian and monstrous woman, who gives us the same thing: a set of demonology, pop culture characters, unlimited sexuality and prostituted childhood traumas through creative and aesthetic intentionality. Touring LA HEREJE is attending a black mass, getting in touch with the dead and with the same anarchy. No elements are related to each other because in each work there lives a different demon and feeling, but they all come together. They need to give space a chaotic, magical and rule-free sense. Accept to wander the world with truth, or die... (Text by Mario Addams).