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Under the title “Mis Sombras" Mikel Lor immerses us in an intriguing journey to the depths of his mind, between darkness and madness, where the shadows lurk in the depths of your unconscious. The exhibition hall will be transformed into a dark mental labyrinth, a crossroads of hallways where heartbreaking images come to life through a meticulous selection of digital collages.

Every corner of the BLACK ROOM will be a window to the surreal landscape of the psyche of the artist, where distorted shapes and sharp contrasts create a
universe of disturbing revelations. Digital collages, carefully arranged, trace a journey through the fears, obsessions and anxieties that nestle deep in the human soul. The sinister, the grotesque and the macabre intertwine in a disturbing dance, weaving a tapestry of shadows that envelops the viewer in a cold and penetrating atmosphere.

With "Mis Sombras", Mikel Lor invites us to accompany him on a journey through the darkest corners of his being, to delve into the depths of his
imagination and discover the beauty hidden behind the darkness. It's a call to explore the unknown, to accept our own shadows and demons, to confront our deepest fears, to find the light in the midst of the darkness and discover that behind the darkness lies a universe full of beauty.

Exhibited artworks