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Three contemporary artistic languages ​​that represent "Being" as a unique person who lives within one community in the world. Mixed Media, sculpture and painting coexist in an art exhibition that wants to assemble the concept of human ethics, rediscovering its importance and true meaning, in times when one becomes more flexible about what is or is not acceptable, can represent a decisive milestone in the journey of moral growth of our society. A woman or a man who succeeds in helping others will also help himself.
In the sculptures of Scarmiglia, the individual component is overcome on the basis of the relationship of coexistence, the sculptures are not seen as unique objects with their own right, but their being together create a community. His sculptures become the tool to change the habitat from time to time and always creates new dialogues between the forms thus people.

Roberta Morzetti uses her sculptures as an artistic tool through which she investigates the role of the woman (object) in contemporary times while Trappolini's human shapes are men, intended as the symbol of all humanity, his obsession, but also his hope because they always move forward despite everything and everyone. 

These three forms of art on show will not be unique objects by themselves, they will dialogue together creating a group, an union to represent all forms of life.  The intention is to create an exhibition space, that becomes a reflective space, therefore perceptive. Pavart's virtual booth is a container of artistic languages ​​aimed to transmit  an harmony to the visitor within a "cloud" of art made up of distinct art proposals.  The goal is to create a blend of emotions dictated by different techniques and materials which create an absolute balanced coexistence of a free artistic thought.

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