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Pavart contemporary art gallery presents the photography exhibition "aMARMI" by Riccardo Acerbi, curated by Velia Littera.

The marble statues installed as a crown around the Marmi Stadium in Rome, let themselves be silently portrayed by Riccardo Acerbi. They forced him to move, to walk around them to find the right shot and, in a certain sense, the photographer himself poses in front of them,  to be inspired and to be able to produce a series of meaningful and contemporary photographs.

On display 15 photographs printed in black and white fineart cotton Canson Infinity Rag paper, so as not to be distracted by the content but to strengthen the sense and communication of the image. The photographs on display are still images of male bodies that emerge thanks to the passages of chiaroscuro and shades of grey, the three-dimensionality becomes more evident and the shapes become pure. The author of the photos thought in black and white even before shooting and the choice of the subjects, of the light and the composition was made according to a photographic representation composed by monochromatic tones.

The perfection of the features of the athletic bodies seem divine silhouettes turned towards infinity to invoke imaginary superpowers.

The title of the exhibition is also an important indication of the meaning of the exhibition, "loving each other" is not an act of selfishness but on the contrary it means taking care of oneself, to treat others and above all to love oneself in order to love in return.

And as the author states: "Not being able to give an idea of ​​a story, which is usually the goal of my photos, light, shadows and marble helped me underline the importance of finding strength in ourselves. "

Actor, film director and photographer, Riccardo Acerbi was born in 1962 and is a person very aware to issues related to environment safeguard, a lover of the sea and a great sportsman.

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