KALEIDOSCOPE OF COLOURS  2019:  Modern Portraiture


British artist Bettina Newbery paints fine oil portraits inspired by fashion and popular culture where modern women tell new stories and establish an immediate connection with the viewer.

"The ladies in my paintings are elegant and confident – the glamour of designer fashion is an expression of desire, and they are stealing the show. As such, they appeal to the viewers’ moods and emotions – they grab you, they look at you, and they draw you in.

It is colour that brings the gift of magic to my paintings. I use the interplay of colours to bring out the many facets in each of my portraits, allowing them to be constantly rediscovered, highlighting the smallest of details and moving through different pictorial styles. It can take as long as six months to perfect the various colour nuances and shades – the details may be very subtle, yet they give us the sense of texture and depth.

The results are visual anecdotes, blended fact and fiction that tell stories. I do hope that my striking portraits amuse, charm, delight and intrigue the viewer.”