We are thrilled to present ISSA SALLIANDER’s first art exhibition in Sweden, in collaboration with Galería Hilario Galguera, her representing gallery from Mexico City / Madrid. This exhibition is a unique opportunity to bridge the world of ISSA’s contemporary art, showcasing the convergence of digital fantasy and tangible artistry. “A collaboration exploring the disparity between physical and digital painting through the lens of sensory engagement.” ISSA SALLIANDER The artist will interpret four unique masks for the Den of Wolves videogame, drawing inspiration from the game. The artwork will be available for sale through Galería Hilario Galguera platforms. Belief systems and dichotomies are integral influences shaping the artist's work, encompassing a broad spectrum of ideologies, philosophies, religions, and worldviews that individuals and communities adhere to. These belief systems influence values, behaviors, and interactions, serving as fundamental pillars in the artist's exploration. Den of Wolves provides an opportunity to delve deeper into these concepts, presenting a challenge to engage with a wider audience. This exhibition aims to create a space where art enthusiasts, collectors, and the gaming community alike can immerse themselves in ISSA’s artistic expression. The collaboration with Den of Wolves offers a cultural exchange that highlights the synergy between contemporary art and the digital gaming world.