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Double appointment with art next May 7th.

In SalaA, "Banca STONES", an exhibition featuring Filippo FORLANI and Mark STONES. The vice of luxury is not new to man or to society; excess is reluctantly considered a risk, more often a challenge. Bankruptcy is a truth as old as the world, whether physical or moral, it wears the charm of wealth and hides the terror of oblivion. It would be wise to be aware of this before meeting her. In SalaA “Rounded corners” artistic project by Wes LIKEWISE. The artist presents a series of surreal portraits that transcend traditional boundaries. Vibrant, positive colors boldly clash with the prevailing gloomy atmosphere of our current global economic and political landscape. In each portrait, the exaggerated depiction of wealth serves as a form of escape, inviting viewers into a fantastical utopian future – an oasis of prosperity amid the challenges of our reality.

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