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AAIE Center for Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the beginning of its exhibition programming at its new location in Rome, Via Sermide 7. The exhibition "Connessioni Fessurazioni" will run from May 18 through June 30 and will feature the work of five artists investigating the theme of "connections and separations." This exhibition aims to break us out of the boundaries of countries, religions, cultures, races and various eras of the past. In this art project, exhibition curator Wang Yongxu seeks the connection between the past and the future.
In the past year, the global pandemic has paralyzed the entire art industry, galleries and museums have been closed, auctions and art fairs have been postponed or cancelled, as well as countless exhibitions. We can't help but ask ourselves and want to address some important questions; what can be eternal, how can we connect with the world, and if what we have experienced in the past year has become a separation in this era.

The five artists used different media for the overall look of their artistic creations and included a variety of forms; from video images to easel paintings, sculptures to sound installations. A variety of materials were used for the works in the exhibition such as wire and projection by Maria Pia Picozza, branches and lines by Primarosa Cesarini Sforza, video, paintings and sound in the works by Antonio Virzi, virtual and reality by Hans-hermann- Kooprmann and finally the on-site workshop and use of monochromatic sculptures by Franco Ciuti. The focus goes to the creation of visual art, from this connection to the proposed study of the individual and nature, the focus on "person and space" makes us notice those parts that have not been explored: the world is much more complicated than we imagined.

This exhibition is curated by Wang Yongxu, founder of AAIE Contemporary Art Center. In the past five years, AAIE Contemporary Art Center has not only introduced several Italian artists to local audiences, but also held historical solo and group exhibitions for some important Chinese artists. By introducing these important artists to Italian audiences, AAIE Contemporary Art Center has opened a local perspective and further expanded its vision to accommodate the global contemporary art world. AAIE Contemporary Art Center will use the new space in Rome to provide viewers with a unique and excellent art viewing venue and provide artists with the opportunity to exhibit more artwork.

There are 52 works on display in this exhibition, 23 of which are already online and we will continue to update them. For more information about the works, please contact us.

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