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Talking about value can refer to multiple meanings. Depending on the context we will know what type of value we are talking about. What it is estimable and emotionally symbolizes something, courage and bravery, courage as the price of a thing, or to the dignity and merit of people.

Courage is a quality that is closely linked to feeling, a faculty that allows us to capture values. In In reality, courage is a spiritual emotion, and the ability to Appreciating higher values ​​is similar to an act of love. Just like the light It allows us to see things, love allows us to perceive values. The love, that deep feeling of loving well the place where one has been raised, it is an act of love that manifests itself as a force powerful thing we call bravery, which inspires us to fight and protect that territory to which we belong.

When Gonzalo Lauda recreates scenes from a past story, creating new visual narratives, based on the chronicles of the place, the people and the events that occurred, resembles a documentary filmmaker who seeks to convey the feeling of belonging, the symbolic value attributed to a place and love for the homeland.

The intention of showing you this selection of images is to talk about subjects, their ability to face an adverse situation and cling to the only thing you have, the instinct to survive, to protect that collective value of bravery, which is what accompanies them.

Stories of bravery, presents images that show us these qualities, a place that is symbolic and a subject that is a symbol of courage, determination and duty. By way of testimony he identifies a defender, a man who fought and continues to fight for something that is inherent to himself, the homeland, that territory in which he was born and has raised.

Curator: Gelen Marquez Silva.