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(Buenos Aires, April 2024). From Thursday, April 4 to Sunday, April 7, Julia Baitalá Gallery will be present at the sixth edition of the MAPA 2024 contemporary art fair at stand N9.

Under the name Con-vergencias, Gelen Marquez was in charge of the curatorship of the works of the five artists that are part of the gallery's proposal for MAPA 2024.

It is inscribed in the line of geometric art, both contemporary and modern; with works by artists of great trajectory such as Juan Melé, representing the concrete art movement; together with contemporary artists such as Cecilia Soldano, Cristina Hauk, Iliana Regueiro and Josefina Fossatti.

In the visual arts, and especially in painting, there is a state of suspension between the artist and the spectator that can be achieved thanks to a "being with"; which is nothing more than being with that other through his or her production.

Then there is a phenomenon that leads to an interaction between both parties: artist-spectator. Vision appears in this process of visual connection, where vergence takes center stage. This term, which alludes to the coordinated movement of the eyes to focus in detail on what is before them, becomes the guiding thread of the experience. The convergence of the gaze manifests itself as an ocular dance that allows us to deeply appreciate each stroke, each nuance, immersing ourselves in the visual richness of the work.

Thus, Con-vergencias is a play on words that refers to two instances: that of being with the work and at the same time allowing oneself to focus, to look in detail and carefully at the paintings of these five artists who present us with a challenge to what would normally be our naturalized point of view. It is a stop in the reading in which we must maintain a binocular vision to make our gaze and what is presented before it con-verge. To doubt or believe that what we look at will always be a conscious act, a reflective pause.

With its participation in MAPA, the gallery seeks to make rotating circuits between exhibitions in its space in Villa Crespo and national and international fairs with the aim of disseminating and marketing its artists.