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The Art Design Project Gallery is pleased to announce its new group show: “THE STORM” This exhibition brings together a selection of artists represented by the gallery, who will be together for the first time, making this exhibition unique. With: Alec Franco, Ana Seggiaro, Angelica Chavarro, Casey Waterman, Celso Castro, Charlie Schieps, Charo Oquet, Clemens Wolf, Dora Franco, Francisco Larios, Hunter & Gatti, Ivan Castiblanco, James Bonachea, Javier Rey, Koray Erkaya, Luca Artioli, Magda von Hanau, Maria Jose Arjona, Michael James O’Brien, Miguel Winograd, Mikael Kenta, Monika Bravo, Natasha Zupan, Nico Baixas, On Hansen, Paola Dávila, Ramonn Vieitez, Ricky Cohete, Roberto Fonfria, Rodrigo Etem, Rodrigo Spinel, Rodrigo Zampol, Shine Huang, Ying Chen, Yunior Marino, Zoltan Gerliczki and others. The Art Design Project gallery promotes the intersection of art and design, representing the work of emerging and established artists. The gallery curates physical and online art exhibitions, as well as pop-up exhibits and alternative engagements around the world, where patrons can purchase artworks directly from our art selection of the artists we represent, from our archives, or through our online art partners