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ArtToSaveLives Contemporary is pleased to present an immersive installation experience called EARTH - an Invite to Your Home by JuanCarlos rLora.

Here is about this installation in the words of the artist.

"With this immersive installation I invite you to remember that the most important things in your life, like your loved ones, live in this one beautiful place we are all overlooking. Without it, neither we nor our families would exist. So please, let us be more conscious and pay more attention and stop the destruction we are causing...  

- Did you know it’s been proven that humanity is able to have car engines that run on vegetable oil and some cars are even electric, so why do we not let go of fossil fuels?  

- Did you know that nowadays we can harness the power of the Sun for energy? We call it solar power, but did you also know we can find ways to have the energy hitting the equatorial line on Earth to be distributed to all the other countries North and South? But we’re just not interested...  

- Did you know it’s been proven that a human being can live a longer, healthier life without the consumption of animals? And knowing the incredible amount of suffering your taste buds cause, you still choose to not care. Animal products also cause pandemics...    

- Did you know that we can now compress our own plastic garbage to create cinder blocks to build homes?    

Now that you know this, there are lots of things you can do for your beautiful planet.

Earth is the chest where you keep your treasures,  so treasure Earth as well." 

With love, JuanCarlos rLora  

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