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The sign plays a fundamental role in understanding this series of works characterized by a quick and decisive stroke. Creation in the studio, compared to street art, is less playful and more reflective: the artist retraces the support and the lines intertwine and overlap. The "sign" that defines the figure is free and discontinuous. The bodies, although deformed, emerge clearly; the clear separation is indeed achieved both by the stroke and by the contrasting use of black and white.
Exhibited artworks


73 x 94 cm

1650,00 €


75.5 x 110 cm

1830,00 €

Palazzo Trump

83.5 x 67.5 cm

1500,00 €


85 x 63.5 cm

1470,00 €


75.5 x 110 cm

1830,00 €

Missing Lock

102 x 148.5 cm

3050,00 €