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‘Audrey’s Journey’ is JuanCarlos’ new parallel narrative. This story won't have the traditional tale written up JuanCarlos has accustomed us to, it will rather be a question for us to ask ourselves: "What if God was a little girl from a different dimension, how would the journey of her creation of all that exists be?" This series thus far leans more towards a philosophical, scientific, and theoretical framework, asking questions of the origins of the universe and existence, all while taking us on a journey of the imagination through the eyes of a child.
The idea of Audrey began back in 2003 when JuanCarlos first developed this concept. In this series, JuanCarlos purposely explores the flatness of paint with naïve nuances, with a transparent silhouette of his main character, having the viewer experience these works from a child's perspective. There are limitless possibilities to a child's imagination, so we invite you to enjoy its whimsical nature!

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