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EN | Marking the beginning of the Perve Gallery's 20th anniversary commemorative cycle, resulting from the installation of the Perve Multimedia Collective in Alfama, "Dialogues 2.0" has some of the works that were shown in the "Dialogues" section of the London Art Fair 2020, presented in January this year in London. Three generations of artists from North to South of the globe, covering Reinata Sadimba (b. 1945, Mozambique), Ivan Villalobos (b. 1975, Chile), Javier Félix (b. 1976, Colombia) and Liudvika S. Koort (b. 1994, Lithuania). The curatorial project consists in transposing the concept to the exhibition space in Alfama and amplifying this dialogue with works by other artists represented by Perve Galeria over the last 20 years.


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