Solo exhibition of Lyuben Domozetski
07.02 – 28.02.2022
Opening – 07.02.2022 – 5:00 – 9:00 pm


“Beyond The Canon” is the third solo exhibition of Lyuben Domozetski. It is an attempt to look back and rethink, but also an opportunity for new experiments. The exhibition brings together artworks created over the past 5 years and demonstrates the line of development from scientific illustration to pieces of art difficult to classify in any particular direction. They are a synthesis between the scientific, descriptive beginning and the search for ways to present an idea, an experience and an inner world. The latest artworks combine a complex system of visual codes, strongly influenced by Medieval and Renaissance art.

They are the author’s first attempt in a new creative direction, moving significantly and boldly away from the field of scientific illustration and the descriptive. The connection with the old art is no longer just transparent, it is unmitigated. They mix elements of Byzantine art, but also the art of the Early Renaissance, with the immutable images of animals and plants in an effort to recreate the author’s experiences or ideas of the transcendent, the irrational, the insubordinate to human knowledge. These attempts are also related to the acquisition of one’s own artistic language, to fully correspond to the author’s inner world, his character, attitudes and creative position.

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