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“Exhibition – Performance – Installation”

From the 8th to the 17th February 2024, iKonica Art Gallery is honoured to present the personal exhibition of the Master Shuhei Matsuyama, thet in this occasion is going to offer an eye on his personal artist poetry. 

All the work and research of the artist have their origin in the “Shin-on”. To better understand its meaning, we refer directly to the artist's definition: “From the very beginning, when I had to explain the meaning of Shin-On, I always said that it is a kind of cry of the heart, an expression in tune with the self. ”
The gallery offers the artist the three rooms in order to present the widest possible overview of Master Matsuyama’s production. In the SalaA a collection of paintings on canvas of various sizes, in SalaB works “Shodo”, the art of Japanese calligraphy and in SalaC two installations, “Diario” and “Shin-on”.
A special immersive opportunity to better understand how Shuei Matsuya goes through his life and art.
When visiting the exhibition, visitors will understand the “delicate power” of his works. Moving through the three rooms, the public will find an intense and at the same time soft energy that springs from the combination of elements that can be observed on each surface where layers of paper and colours of different shades mix together to generate an aesthetic result of absolute refinement.
Like the notes of a score that merge to give life to a certain harmony, so the order, the balance, the atmosphere and the light seem to compose a silent melody.

“Live Performance”
Giovedì 15 dalle h. 18.30 sarà dedicato in particolare allo “Shodo”, l’arte della calligrafia giapponese. Shuhei Matsuyama introdurrà il pubblico a questa disciplina, storia e tecnica, per poi dare vita ad una performance a partire dalle 19.00.

Biographical notes
Shuhei Matsuyama was born in Tokyo in 1955.
After finishing his studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in his hometown, he moved to Italy in 1976 to follow the courses of the Accademia d’Arte di Perugia.
In 1991 he arrived in Milan and began an intense exhibition activity that brought his works around with more than 150 solo exhibitions and 300 group exhibitions mainly in Italy, Japan and the United States.
In addition, his works have been acquired to furnish prestigious offices, hotels, apartments and restaurants. For example, the President Suite Room of the Four Seasons Hotel in Saudi Arabia, the offices of Barclays Bank, the entrance of the Sony Osaki TEC building in Tokyo and the Residenza Arcimboldi in Milan, all the rooms of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Blevio on Lake Como.
Of particular importance are the 5 SHIN-ON exhibitions presented in Venice over a period of 10 years to coincide with the Biennale. In France, his works were used for the cover of the annual programme of the Conservatoire de Paris.
He has also held solo exhibitions at the PAC of Palazzo Massari of the Gallerie D’ Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Ferrara, at the Museo Bargello in Florence, at the Vittoriale D’Anunzio, at the Meeting in Rimini and in the United States at the Chelsea Museum and the Loby
Public space has also been and continues to be an important part of its activity. The main works are the 5m tall column sculpture in Hakata, Japan, the mural of the mortuary at Vimercate Hospital, the mosaic fountain in Rieti.

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