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Letizia OMODEO - " / 4 - 9 March 2024

A journey into the memory, into the lived, into the imagined of an artist of great sensitivity. In Letizia Omodeo's works we can discern clear references to myths and fables that reside in all of us, even if perhaps in a hidden corner of our soul. 

The works she is presenting at the exhibition 'Stando Contemplando', about 25 works, many of them mixed media on paper transferred to canvas, are a sophisticated and delicate tale between perceived and imagined, between fable and reality, between figuration and abstraction. The latter, however, finds much more space, sometimes clearly, on other occasions less predominantly. preponderant on other occasions.

Laying eyes on Letizia Omodeo's paintings, observing her papers, at first glance they first glance, they seem to depict more or less defined landscapes. If we pay closer attention to them, we discover that there is something much deeper. Letizia Omodeo tells us about the possible states of mind that we all experience; from joy to melancholy, from despondency to hope, always her message is whispered.

In this, the technique and colours, often water-based, support her in creating sophisticated, balanced, lyrical atmospheres. An exhibition, therefore, that tells of the artist but is also a tale of ourselves, of our feeling.

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