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Solo Exhibition "The forms of everyday life: material and abstraction"– Adéle du Plessis curated by Art Historian Finizia Taddeo

The exhibition " The forms of everyday life: material and abstraction " shows the artistic production artist of Adéle du Plessis (Cape Town, South Africa, 1969). The solo show will open on Sunday 6 March 2022 at 12:00 at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone at Lange Tiendeweg 68, 2901KK Gouda.  The exhibition can be seen throughout the month of March at the same location.

Moments of calm and moments of whim

Italian art historian Finizia Taddeo has curated an exhibition around the juxtaposition of abstract and figurative works that focus on the small moments of everyday life.

Moments attract Adéle's attention, and unexpected portraits: small movements of objects, sensations, and details that often go unnoticed because of the hectic life that most people lead nowadays. Moments that are easier to avoid: people prefer to stay on the surface and not go deep into their inner self to look at their true reality and understand the beauty and purity of the things surrounding them.

Adéle seals moments of respite and reflection in her painting, sculpture, figurative art, and abstract art. Adéle manages her art to be light but never superficial, imprinting the inexpressible of nature in her touch.

Adéle, in doing so, implicitly invites the visitor to stop and find his point of view to enjoy everything around him, to perceive with attention the "everyday life's shapes" to which she has skillfully given voice.

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