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On Saturday, May 18th, at 6:30 PM, the solo exhibition "Thalassa" by artist Ettore Giaccari will open at the "iKonica Art Gallery" in Milan, curated by Giada Gasparotti. The project, titled after the unpublished theatrical text by the maestro from Terni, combines material art with experimental cinema. Upon visiting the exhibition, you will be able to admire twenty-three canvases, mostly from the artist's recent production, in the first room, reflecting the painter's vast knowledge and leading us through profound reflections. In the second room, there will be the experimental film and video installation, inspired by the aforementioned text, directed by Vittoria Becchetti.

The curator of the exhibition writes: "(...) Everything starts from 'Thalassa.' It is here that the artist, with the forcefulness and delicacy that distinguish him, like a modern Géricault, addresses the theme of human migration. A cry to the turning of fate, to the precariousness of life, through the tired body of a castaway adrift in his existential dramas, as if it were a trunk at the mercy of the waves. Ripples of abysses return in 'Mare Nostrum': the deep blue of the vast sea, suddenly shining partly on the canvas, is colored all of a sudden with a red that becomes synonymous with blood and wound, pain and martyrdom. It is a homage to Alberto Burri's 'Great Red' that the maestro from Terni pays in the lower part of the canvas. Just as the precursor of Arte Povera recounted the drama of the Great War, Giaccari tells of lost places and souls, amid lost hopes. These are bodies that we see at the mercy of their destiny. The artist observes and understands, to give back a drawing of the current world, as when in 'Mater Dolorosa' he tackles with remarkable pictorial sensitivity, not only the drama of a mother who survives her own son, but that of any woman whose body is offended, abandoned, not respected, torn in her intimacy. Tears fall on an annihilated body, a wound opens, streaks the canvas, flows. It's only pain (...).

Throughout the exhibition, it will be possible to enjoy the "Tailoring Reading" written and conceived on the work "Mater Dolorosa" by playwright Jacopo Gerevini, accessible via QR Code.

Special thanks to Antonia Pizzolante, a fundamental figure, Another Ego of the Maestro.

The opening evening will be accompanied by the acoustic journey of Laura Usan (voice) and Davide Berlangieri (guitar) among Jazz standards and pop songs.

Location: "iKonica Art Gallery" Opening: May 18, 2024, at 6:30 PM
Address: Via Nicola Antonio Porpora 16/A
Metro: Red Line MM1 and Green Line MM2, Loreto stop. Exits Porpora and Costa
Free admission

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