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Michelle Benoit is an artist who works the light.
The materials that belong to her are wood and lucite, in fact. The first, a soft, pliable material, easily foldable to the will of the form, the second a very hard, complex material, which requires extreme precision in treating it to avoid being damaged.
Michelle, through a long and complex process of stratification, painting and cutting, creates an indissoluble bond between them, she merges them, using color as a promise, which is exalted to the nth degree from the forms and light that lends itself willingly to being imprisoned in hes works and then return in its highest expression.
She is a supporter of her works as her works are manipulative of her will.
She never really knows what form her works will take until the end, until she feels that the mate-rial itself has reached its natural deformation, coming to the perfection of its state.
She creates an intimate relationship with it, and it is precisely in the name of this intimacy that she works only on small measures. Until now, the reduced size has allowed it not to disperse light, energy, sensations. It allowed her to feel the work in her hands as a pure creative act; she goes at the heart of his work, she extracts the centrality and concretizes it, giving a series of perfectly balanced and composed works, which declare themselves in their very complex simplicity.
But her works are also the result of an inner union between present and past. Solidity and heav-iness of the materials are the anchor of her present, while the shades of the colors are the symbol of past events, known people or places. The artist chooses to imprint them in hes definitive memory and chooses to give presence to her past through color and elevation in the status of a work of art.
In her works, therefore, there is a whole universe, made of design, manipulation, study, soul, emotion.

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