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Strangers in Town: Yoshinori Mizutani | Eva Stenram

curated by Claudio Composti
Opening 21 Maggio 2019 – 6.30PM
Via G. Lulli 5 Milano
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The exhibition is part of the Milano Photo Week (3-9 giugno 2019)
In collaboration with Ravestijn Gallery Amsterdam and IMA Gallery Tokyo


mc2gallery is pleased to present in Milan the exhibition of two young international artists: Yoshinori Mizutani (Tokyo 1985) and Eva Stenram (Stockholm 1983) in the double exhibition: “Strangers in Town” curated by Claudio Composti.

Two young talents in contemporary art who use photography in two opposite way, till to what can be defined as post-photography. The exhibition opens while exhibiting at the same time two other young artists, hosted in the Project room: Jonny Briggs and Ruth Beraha curated by Emanuele Norsa – Ncontemporary.

The exhibition is part of Milan Photo Week (3-9 June)  – Four foreign artists in the city – strangers in the city – who play with 4 completely different visions of the world and of the society in which we live, touching on important themes that unite politics, culture, family (Ruth Beraha and Jonny Briggs) or the reuse of vintage images , between installations and post photography (Eva Stenram) and nature (Mizutani) that make us reflect on prohibitions, changes, nature, relationships and homo-phobias, often against foreigners.

Issues that affect us all. Four heterogeneous visions, as well as the 4 young artists all already with an international curriculum and collaborations and institutional exhibitions that make us reflect through art and the interpretation of reality, poised between aesthetics and depth of the transmitted message. Power of the image – Power of the art.

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