To Dream, to Collect


Andrea Sangalli: The line in a liquid performance between the waves marks the art of Andrea Sangalli who, creating, smiles ironically to the world, challenging him with a sad laugh. The chromatic fable of out-of-water fish tells about these constantly changing creatures, committed to designing new meetings / forms in a continuous succession of fantastic and unpredictable visions. From childish dreams to bitter jokes of reality, the work of Sangalli is a breath of oxygen, a mink above the lines for the daily castaway who, immersed in the sea of infinite colorful and digitized images, often loses the route and wanders like a fish out of water. A dynamic and carefree stylistic figure gives shape to a committed and demanding reflection on existence understood as a navigation, currently associated with a surfing in the net and not in the sea, a living connected and not free towards an unsuspecting destination, in continuous upload. I do not speak of a fragile link between two names / Nor of a bond in the lysed pages of a register. / I speak of my voluptuous hair / And of the burning poppies of your kisses, / Dell ' clandestine intimacy of our bodies / And of our nudity that shines / Like fish scales in water. (Forugh Farrokhzad)

Ronak Moshiri: The poetic words of a woman are necessary to immerse themselves in the pictorial world of Ronak Moshiri. The Iranian / Canadian creative considers the canvas solely as a basis for a sculptural work "because of rising" that brings out dense figures floating in a space suspended between existence and illusion. Like the great Renaissance master, Ronak believes that the form is already inside the material and you just have to "drive it out" with brush strokes and words. The mythical characters emerge, so, already in the act of singing love, a song from which we get a few tellable stanzas. The figural and narrative fragmentariness, the unfinished Moshiri betrays the awareness of the transience of human experience which is only a brief act of taking away in an attempt to unveil all that is in the matter.



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