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Introduction to ONIRIX

"The dream is that small and hidden door in the deepest and inner sanctuary of our soul, which opens to that primordial night that is the soul, long before the conscious ego appears."

Carl Gustav Jung

In his artistic projects, Mihai Florea is interested in how the image is formed and perceived by the human mind. While in his previous exhibition projects the artist presented the world in the form of a labyrinth of reflected spaces that multiplied within a provisional reality, following the new ONIRIX project, the images produced by his unconscious are being discussed.

ONIRIX is an exhibition about the power of the human unconscious, the images that reside and resist in our memory after the dream. Freud states that "the dream is via regia [the royal path] towards the unconscious." Nine years ago, Mihai Florea dreamt three dreams in three different nights. Scrutinizing the unconscious and remembering his dream images, the artist began to paint. The ONIRIX project consists of nine works painted in a manner close to hyper-realism, yet with fine elements of surrealism and oniric. The three dreams are represented by three sequences each comprising in three artworks. The third numeral, or the multiple of three, is extremely important in the economy of the project interpretation. Three is the figure of the cosmos, perfection and creation. Mihai Florea painted his dreams in the form of unclear personal realities, loaded with rich yet unimaginable meanings, of which destiny resides in the individual way perceived and interpreted by the viewer.

ONIRIX can also be interpreted as having a symbolic alchemic content, understood through the personal transformation, the dream becoming an indicator of these transformations. The nine artworks depict an initiating journey, a sort of inner map of evolution, a way to communicate and perceive the unconscious.

Curator: Diana Dochia, PhD