To Dream, to Collect


Group exhibition presenting monochrome painting and sculpture by 6 international artists:

The term "monochrome" comes from the ancient Greek: μονόχρωμος, translit. monochromos, lit. 'with one colour', 'having one colour'.

The monochrome often serves purposes. On the one hand, to communicate spiritual purity: By choosing a colour one can explore the tranquillity of total abstraction. The other purpose is to reduce the artwork to its simplest form, so that the focus of the work is on its pure physical elements: colour, form, texture.

M O N O C H R O M O S presents works by 6 international artists, who deal with the monochrome theme in their work. On display are wall-based, sculptural objects and classical painting, shaped canvasses and textile art.

With works by Nicolò BaraggioliDominique ChapuisFault LinesÁrpád ForgóTimothy Schmitz and Nicholas Szymanski.

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