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iKonica Art Gallery dedicates the Sala Zenzero to 8 young artists Beker, Bidust, B. and J. Mocchi, Bitnb, F. De La Vega, G. Gentilcore, P. Maresca, and the Sala Slimmy to a painter with a proven track record, Gianluigi Serravalli.
The two rooms will thus offer the opportunity to see on the one hand how some under-30s represent the present or the future, or even just their own thoughts; some more bound to figuration, some more oriented towards experimentation with various materials, and some more tied to tradition.
On the other, Gianluigi Serravalli, originally from Ferrara, tells us through his paintings characterised by a dreamlike and metaphysical vision places of his experience and his own vision of the world, never lacking in a critical and ironic sense.
A confrontation that will allow the public to choose which narrative line they feel closest to their own feel and to get to know artistic proposals that are fairly new on the market, if we exclude the production of G. Serravalli, who has already played a leading role in Milan and elsewhere with several exhibitions in his long career.

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