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Luca Miscioscia
Chimeric Auroralə

In 'The Aesthetic Conception' Benedetto Croce states that: "Art is pure intuition, intuition at all devoid of concept and judgment. It is an auroral form of knowing, without which it is not given to understand its further and more complex forms."

For Luca Miscioscia, art is a need for spontaneous expression and arises from an urge to communicate on an emotional, very direct level. Color, forms and signs are fixed on the canvas even before filters and rational constructs can shape them and deprive them of genuineness, intensity and a certain rawness. It is precisely that auroral form of knowing that which the artist grasps of the world around him through his intuition, it is the raw material that logic has not yet processed into concepts, abstracted and ordered. There is no logical thought or action that can disregard intuition and feeling.

"By processing impressions, man frees himself from them. By objectifying them, he detaches them from himself and becomes superior to them. The liberating and purifying function of art is another aspect and formula of its character as activity. Activity is liberating precisely because it drives out passivity'' (Benedetto Croce, Fundamental Theses of an Aesthetics as a Science of Expression and General Linguistics).

In Chimerico Auroralə the artist succeeds in representing his inner dimension and, by exploiting the cathartic function of art. to give form to the sphere of feelings that in other spheres often finds no representation. Emotional extension arising from unconscious areas can be difficult to express through language while it can be expressed effectively through image, in this case pictorial. The image, as also highlighted in psychoanalysis and Freudian studies, is able to evoke emotions of great intensity and can bring to light feelings that would otherwise have remained unexpressed and trapped in the human psyche making them visible to all.

We are faced with chaotic embodiments of the most ancestral form of human emotions, which the artist goes on to extract from the most hidden folds of everyday life, delineating a colorful imagery of indefiniteness populated by beings sometimes with human features, sometimes with feral or fantastic features. Emotions that, in their most genuine and animalistic state without being understood and metabolized by rationality, turn out to be almost foreign concepts to the usual and natural order of things and belonging to the sphere of the monstrous but that through the artist's works we can face ''face to face'' and exorcise.

"The arrogance of consciousness, for example, which lightly rejects dreams, is generally caused by a strong protective apparatus that guards them, preventing unconscious complexes from getting their way, making it difficult to convince interlocutors of the existence of the unconscious and to explain again what their conscious knowledge rejects." (Freud)

Two important contributions Freud made to psychology are the emancipation of human psychic processes from the domain of consciousness and the existence of subjective reality, elements that also pervade the poetics and cinema of director David Lynch from whom the artist draws inspiration and with whom he shares the intent to represent the internal, latent and unconscious dimension.

In the artist's work as well as in Lynch's more dreamlike sequences, undefined thoughts find a way to manifest themselves in images, often ambiguous, just like the metaphors, allegories and symbols Freudian psychoanalysis makes use of, catapulting us into the world of fantasy, that is, an essential but also colorful transformation of the objective world, which can take on a meaning for the viewer that is both terrifying and enchanting.

Emotions and fears are materialized in their larval and visceral state, without being totally brought into focus, manifesting themselves in magmatic fusions of colors, hybrid and indefinite creatures and figures that deliberately want to evade conventions, labels, binarism and dualism. Kaleidoscopes of possibilities with no limitations whatsoever that remain pervaded by a vagueness that has a power far more suggestive than the definite, the clear and the sharp.

Images saturated with colors and fluid elements that manage to effectively communicate an intense ambivalent dimension.

What is emphasized is the subjective reality at the expense of the objective one, so that the artist himself and those who enjoy his works can clash with his representations and visions of the world and depictions of the ferment of his unconscious.

On view from September 1 to 10, 2023