Formal pictorial synthesis where the subjects are isolated from the context, painted almost out of context time without their own space, trying to exalt only their courtly bearing, solemn in a mundane and frivolous almost weightless space, which is thus omitted from the composition, for give space to an ever greater synthesis that will lead the artist in some works towards an approximation of the figure, to the point of reducing it to a simple sign gesture, as a last reference to the object originally represented.
The monochromes become a sort of platform for resetting all the previous ones figurative suggestions, projecting towards a universe full of otherness and minimal mysticism,which satisfies the need to free oneself from information systems, now empty and devoid of depth.
The goal is always to start from common, everyday, worldly sense, to then raise it to unequal measures, unattainable by ordinary dynamics, towards lofty and unusual reflections in a world made up of experiences, brief advertising praise and posts in continuous decay.

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